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Bad Bad Jenn

It's been like 700 years since I wrote in here. could be the fact that I might somewhat do it on Myspace. Dam it. I want to write in here I really really do. I'm paying for this dam thing. SO IT SHALL BE DONE!

But right now I have nothing great to say another then watch this video of the Cami Remix. So dam funny!


I had a deack party this past weekend. Here is a video I took of Allison & Lisa.

Allison, Lisa & Me

Another of my Mcgees

Allison, Lisa & me

Hillis & Elky dancing. So hot its on fire!

Allison, Lisa & Me

Another video of us in Guelph. Fuck I was drunk here.

Allison, Lisa & Me

I mean look at this. Allison and Lisa think I am going to take there photo when I am really making a movie about them. Its so great


That's right! I have decided to make my LJ for friends only. As Of Jan 1st 2005. So that means if you don't have a LJ account then you can not view it. Also I have to add you to my friends list. If you want to be added to my friends list then leave a comment. Just because you do this doesnt mean I will add you. It's just the ways it is!